Extras Menu

Statistics Window

Displays the statistics window. In this window you'll find the exact game time and the click counts. If the game has already been finished then 3BV stats are displayed as well.

Play Recording…

Plays a previous recorded MVR (Minesweeper Video Recording) file. While the video is playing, you will not be able to click on the board. To pause a video, press Esc, minimize the window, or press and hold on the smiley button. To cancel playing a video, either click on the smiley button, select New from the Game menu, or press F2. To restart video playback, press R.

Save Recording

Quickly saves a video recording of your previous game, to an automatic name in Minesweeper X's home directory. This option is not available if you've taken over 10,000 seconds to complete a game. Pressing R will activate this option and then automatically play the video.

Save Board...

A dialog box appears asking where you would like your game saved, with what name, and in what format. The following formats are available:

Minesweeper Board File (MBF)
This format only saves the positions of the mines, so it is useful if you want to re-play a board. Previous versions of Minesweeper X (cheating options are now removed), as well as other clones, allow the loading of pre-used boards. See the webpage for links.

Bitmap (BMP)
Saves a bitmap picture of your game. The exact time and the solved / total 3BV will also be displayed in the bitmap.

Minesweeper Reader Board File (MRB)
This format saves the mine positions as well as the status of the entire board when you finished it. "Minesweeper Reader" was developed by Yoni Roll and Benny Benjamin. (I am not affiliated with the authors of this program.) See the webpage for links.

Note: Minesweeper Reader normally saves which version of Minesweeper a board was played in. MRB files that this program generates are listed as played in an 'Unknown' version, so you can tell which boards were played in Minesweeper X.

Statistics Text File (TXT)
Saves statistics of your last game to a text file. The statistics are added to the end of the file, so you don't have to worry about saving over previous statistics if you choose the same filename (even though the program will point out that you are using the same filename).

The following fields are saved: Difficulty Level, Height, Width, Mines, Time, 3BV, Solved 3BV, 3BV/sec, Estimated Time, Left Clicks, Middle Clicks, Right Clicks, Start Date, and Start Time. These stats can easily be loaded into a spreadsheet or database program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

Minesweeper Video Recording (MVR)
The same as the "Save Recording" option, but this time you can specify where you want the file saved and with what name. MVR files are Minesweeper X's proprietary video format, so they can only be played back in Minesweeper X.

Auto Options…

Allows you to set auto-recording options. When the set conditions are met, the program will automatically save a record of your games in MVR or TXT format. You can also set the shutdown timer here, associate MVR files with Minesweeper X, and enter the player name to be saved in your videos.

Win XP Skin, Win 98 Skin

You can change the look of the board at any time. There have been two official Minesweeper skins: one from Windows XP, and one from Windows 98. In this program you can choose your favourite. The "Black & White" skin is available from the Minesweeper X website.

Custom Skin…

Tired of the Win XP/98 skins? Think you can do better? This program supports custom skins, so you can make your own if you desire. The entire skin is just one 122x144 bitmap, so creating your own skin is very easy. Sample skin files are available at the Minesweeper X website.