Statistics Window

Displays the following statistics during and after the game:


Displays the current time to hundredths. The LED timer on the game window displays this time rounded up to the nearest second. If you complete a board in a single click, you haven't spent any time at all, so this value will stay at 0.00 seconds.

Left, Middle, Right:

Displays the number of left, middle, and right clicks during the game. As Minesweeper addicts know, there are really three ways to activate a middle click: Use the middle mouse button, press both left and right buttons at the same time, or hold down Shift while clicking the left button. Note that left and middle clicks are counted when the mouse button is released, but right clicks are counted as soon as the button is pressed.

The number to the right of the click counters is your average click/sec speed, rounded to 1 decimal place.


Displays the 3BV of the current board. The value to the right of the 3BV counter displays your average 3BV/sec speed. This is calculated by dividing your Solved 3BV by the current time.


The value on the left is the Solved 3BV counter. It also is only displayed after a board has been completed. This number represents how much of the board you've solved in terms of 3BV. By subtracting this number from the total 3BV you can determine the minimum number of left-clicks you would have needed to complete the board (without flagging).

The value on the right side is your estimated completion time, with current 3BV/sec rate. If you successfully completed the board, then this value will be the same as the total game time. (Although it is rounded to 1 decimal place.)

Player Name:

If the "show in stats" option is enabled (see auto options) then the player's name which will be saved in the video (or was saved in the video when watching a video) will be displayed at the bottom of the statistics window.