Auto-Save Options

This window allows you to set auto-recording options so that you don't have to manually save records of many good games. There are two different formats that you can save your games in: Minesweeper Video Recordings (MVR) and Statistic Text Files (TXT). Statistics are saved to a file "stats.txt" in the directory in which Minesweeper X is located in.

There are five different settings for each format:
Never, High Scores, Completed, Under [a time that you specify], and All

As well, you can choose different settings for each Game Type:
Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Custom

Record files are never automatically saved. They can be still be saved manually from the Extras menu, by selecting "Save Recording" or "Save Board...".

High scores
Automatically saves record files that are new high scores.

Automatically saves record files of all games that you successfully complete.

Under (specified time)
Automatically saves record files of all games that you complete successfully in under the time that you enter into the text box.

Automatically saves record files of every game you play, whether you win or lose the game. Files are not saved if you quit the game before it is finished.

Since Version 1.16 Minesweeper X also supports saving statistics about an entire session of playing. If the "session stats" option is enabled then whenever Minesweeper X is closed it saves information about the games which were played during that session in a file "sessions.txt". This information includes the time the session started, the time the session completed, how many total games were started in that session, and how many games were won and lost (for each of the three difficulty levels as well as custom games).

The "Associate *.mvr" button associates MVR files with Minesweeper X so that they may be launched directly from the Windows shell via double clicking on them, for example. This action may require administrator privileges.

Also, if you only want to play Minesweeper X for a set amount of time, you have the option of setting the automatic shutdown timer. This way, you won't get caught up in the game and lose track of time. The game will never shutdown while you are playing, only when you try to start a new game. This timer won't help you set high scores, but it may help if you have become addicted to Minesweeper!

You may also enter the name to be saved in videos, for the purposes of player verification when the videos are distributed online. When playing a video, the name of the player who recorded the video (if available) is displayed in the statistics window if the "show in stats" option is checked.

If the "notify on NF records" or "notify on 3BV/s records" options are enabled then Minesweeper X will notify you with a congratulatory pop-up whenever you set a NF (non-flagging) record or a 3BV/s record. Your previous records are read from the auto-save statistics file, so auto-saving of statistics is necessary for your NF or 3BV/s records from a previous session to be used. When these options are enabled it is possible to view the best NF or 3BV/s records recorded in stats.txt by selecting "Best Stats..." or "Best NF Stats..." from the Game Menu. (Note that the best times recorded in stats.txt are not necessarily the same as the best times saved in the Best Times window.)