Game Menu


Clears the board and starts a new game. This can also be done by clicking on the smiley face button or by pressing F2.

Note: The mines are not placed on the board until after the first click. This is to prevent a "Memory Reader" from revealing the positions before the game starts. (One has been developed for the original Minesweeper.)

Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Sets the difficulty level to one of the three built-in difficulties.

Beginner: 8x8 board, 10 mines
Intermediate: 16x16 board, 40 mines
Expert: 16x30 board, 99 mines


Allows you to specify the height, width, and number of mines, and the board will be generated. The number of mines can range from 0 to 99% of the board. There is no limit to the height or width, except that the window cannot be bigger than your screen. The resolution of your screen determines the maximum board sizes. These are the limitations using the classic Windows style:

640x480 resolution – 23x38, up to 865 mines
800x600 resolution – 30x48, up to 1425 mines
1024x768 resolution – 41x62, up to 2516 mines
1152x864 resolution – 47x70, up to 3257 mines
1280x1024 resolution – 57x78, up to 4401 mines

Marks (?)

Allows you to place marks on the board. When activated, right-click twice to place a mark. A right-click on a flag will turn it into a mark. A right-click on the mark will remove it.

Best Times…

Opens the Best Times window, which displays the fastest time each difficulty was completed in. Times are recorded to hundredths of a second. All the times can be cleared by selecting "Reset Scores" from this window.


Closes the game. High scores and settings are saved for next time.