Loading Statistics into a Spreadsheet

The statistics text files saved by Minesweeper X can easily be loaded into a spreadsheet or database program, such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

First, load up the spreadsheet program and select "Open". Then change the "file type" to "Text files (*.txt)", or "ASCII Text (*.txt)". Select the statistics file, then select Delimited format mode (the fields are separated by the Tab character).

Once the data has been loaded, the spreadsheet program allows you to make complex analysis of the data. You can also have it calculate extra data fields. For example, to calculate the percentage of the board completed, divide the Solved 3BV field by the total 3BV field and fill the formula down for every game. Similarly, divide the number of clicks by the time to get the clicks per second.

Also, if you want to know your top 10 3BV/sec values, you could have the spreadsheet sort the data by 3BV/sec. However, if you're only interested in the 3BV/sec of your completed games, create a "Percentage of board completed" field, and sort by Percentage first to find all completed games, and then sort by 3BV/sec. (Or you could just make the program only record your completed games in auto-save options.)