Computer Modern Type 3 Fonts

by Curtis Bright

This is a collection of Knuth's Computer Modern fonts in PostScript Type 3 format. They are non-outline, non-bitmap versions which have been generated by a script which runs MetaPost on the original Metafont sources. Using the script, any CM family can be converted at any optical size, which might be useful if no Type 1 version is available and you require vector fonts, not bitmap fonts.

Since they were not generated by approximating a Bézier curve to the font's contours, these can be considered the "most accurate" representations of Knuth's original design. On the other hand, they have no hinting and will not look good on-screen, except when viewed at high resolution. Also, using them with TeX requires compilation to DVI first, since pdfTeX does not seem to natively support PostScript Type 3 fonts.


Example Usage with TeX

Place the *.t3 and *.tfm files in your working directory, as well as the included map file. After compiling to DVI, convert to PS using the following command:

dvips -D 10000 -u example.dvi

The -D parameter uses the maximum resolution, otherwise I noticed some character positions can be inaccurate.