Curtis Bright

Wel­come! This is the per­son­al web­site of Curtis Bright, a post­doc­tor­al re­searcher and in­struct­or of com­puter sci­ence at the Uni­versity of Wa­ter­loo.


I am the lead de­vel­oper of the Math­Check pro­ject that is cur­rently ver­i­fy­ing and find­ing coun­terex­am­ples for some com­bi­na­to­r­ial con­jec­tures in math­e­mat­ics. For a list of my pub­li­ca­tions see my aca­d­e­mic web­page.


In Fall 2014 I taught a sec­tion of CS 135, an in­tro­duc­tion to com­puter sci­ence based around the pro­gram­ming lan­guage Rack­et. In Spring 2015 I was the sole in­struc­tor of CS 115, a ver­sion of CS 135 de­signed for non-CS ma­jors. In Fall 2015 I co-taught CS 136, a fol­low-up to CS 135 which uses C. Pre­vi­ously, I de­livered tu­tori­als and as­sisted run­ning courses with a fo­cus on data struc­tures, al­gorithms, and lo­gic.


A lifelong lov­er of math­em­at­ics, I have a well-versed back­ground in the sub­ject. On my aca­dem­ic page you can find many of my writ­ings, slides, and lec­ture notes. I'm the kind of guy who thinks it is a really awe­some idea to put an un­ab­bre­vi­ated copy of the quart­ic for­mula on a poster.


I oc­ca­sion­ally blog about ideas of in­terest to me, as a way to prac­tice writ­ing and help so­lid­i­fy con­cepts. There are cur­rently 45 posts, most of which con­cern math­em­at­ics in some way.


I en­joy pro­gram­ming and the free­dom which comes with it. Wheth­er that means auto­mat­ing truth table gen­er­a­tion, or simply play­ing a ran­dom game of Go, be­ing able to pro­gram is a worth­while and power­ful skill. In high school I de­veloped an ex­ten­sion of the game Mine­sweep­er with video re­cord­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies; it is still in use by people who play com­pet­it­ively.


Be­cause I have such a dom­in­ant ‘left-brain’ per­son­al­ity, I de­lib­er­ately make a point to en­gage in counter-bal­an­cing activ­it­ies. I routinely find my­self run­ning, jug­gling, and dan­cing salsa.


If you feel like dis­cuss­ing one these top­ics in more depth, give me a shout!