Current Version: 0.34

Last Updated: January 31, 2004

A minesweeper "clone" with extra features, including time to tenths, showing mines, saving/editing boards, 3BV counter, and skinability!

NOTE: This game has been updated to v1.x, but there are no cheats in the new version. If you want to test out the cheats, you have to get v0.34.

Intermediate Level

Download Minesweeper v0.34


Description: Based on the well known game that comes with Microsoft Windows operating system. This version adds extra features for both minesweeper beginners and experts.


List of bugs in Microsoft's version

To come soon: System Requirements:


Various Mine Configurations (Unzip and load the board files):
1 second boards This file contains 8 beginner boards with 1 3BV (All found by using 3BV search)
Intermediate Dreamboard (This is the fabled Intermediate board where Matt McGinley achieved a time of 10, the current world record. Roland Seibt has also achieved 10 on this board, and Dan Cerveny nearly achieved a 10. Supposedly, it is the best board that Microsoft's version will give you.) [pic] [Note: The board orignally posted had the lower-right mine one square too high. I fixed it when archiving this page.]
Lasse Nyholm's Expert 41 This is the board where Lasse Nyholm achieved a time of 41 on expert, the current world record.

I am not affiliated with Microsoft Corp.
Original Minesweeper (C) 1981 - 1998 Microsoft Corp.
by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson

I am not affiliated with the authors of "Minesweeper Reader".
"Minesweeper Reader" was written by Yoni Roll and Benny Benjamin.
It was found at: http://yonir.0catch.com, but now you can get it here.